Serving coffee that is as beautiful as it is delicious,
and celebrating South Africa’s finest selection of wines.


Wining and dining in style


Be your own barista with our techno-cool self service coffee machines


Mix business and leisure in seamless sophistication


A cosmopolitan escape


Built in plug and usb charging points,
and workstations ideal for the business traveller

Discover what’s trending the taste buds


Our coffee bar opens at the crack of dawn each day. Run by professional (and ever so dapper) baristas, we get the day going in pursuit of nourishing your inner most delectable cravings – from your go-to cuppa happiness to freshly baked deli delights.  And so, this ritual continues until such time as is socially acceptable to say, “wine bar now open.”

Cue the chiming hunger bell, and the restaurant starts sending out what can only be described as “darn good soul food”. If there’s one thing the Square Cafe & Wine Bar knocks out of the culinary park, it’s a menu singing with expertly chosen flavour combinations – some to remind you of days gone by, and others you’ll never forget.

For the love of


Right hand raised, we solemnly swear that starting one’s day with a respectable cup of coffee is the doorway to a happier life.

Experience that deeply satisfying “aah” moment with a cup of vida e caffè coffee at Square Cafe & Wine Bar – more specifically, the delicious Estrela blend, which coffee lovers have been sipping for years. Comprised of beans from Central & South America, Estrela, which is the Portuguese word for star, is the original blend that vida has served for over a decade.

Pop by Square Cafe and allow us to offer you an abiding cup of joy, day or night. Century City Hotel guests, feel free to help yourself to bottomless coffee all morning (Yes, really).

We proudly serve VIDA E CAFFÈ Coffee




Oh and we also like tea

Fermented grapes available here


“A man walks into a bar…” Okay wait, rethink; let’s rather take this approach:

“In wine there is wisdom. In beer there is freedom. In water there is bacteria.” Pearls of wisdom some might say to the man Benjamin Franklin who uttered these words more than two centuries ago. Well who are we to argue with the late, great, leading author, political theorist, politician, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, AND, let’s not forget, the inventor of the lightning rod – need we say more, really?

Therefore in honour of this renowned polymath, we are happy to say that we offer both wisdom and freedom…Moreover, to ensure all thirsts are quenched and cravings un-craved, we have made ourselves to be quite resourceful in the gathering of all sorts of liquid selections – and even created a signature cocktail that made us feel somewhat of an inventor and founding father ourselves. Tip of the ol’ hat Sir Franklin.


So one day we thought “why not have our own signature cocktail?” And thus marks the birth of The Square Delight. As a variation of the good ol’ Gin and Tonic, enhanced with cherry syrup, freshly squeezed lemon and a secret blue ingredient – this zesty drink sits just right with the palette, and you ought to give it a whirl.



Our wine cellar is home to our favourite collections of exclusive local wines. As an extension of Square Cafe & Wine Bar, and with it’s sophisticated interior design, is also the perfect venue for private tastings and intimate events. 

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